House of Hope is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that gives hope and helps people in need, around the world. Hope is love in action.

House of Hope

We are a social mission and relief organization that understands its task in view of Christian Charity. We strive to help those in need: those who find themselves in times of crisis, or on the fringes of society. The word “hope” best conveys our self-image. 

Through our actions, we give hope to these very people, such as, children, teens, prostitutes, drugaddicts, the homeless, the imprisoned, and the sick. We believe all can experience hope and its power: the power to change lives.

War in Israel – Your Help Is Needed

House of Hope is currently building 2 Relief Centers in Israel for the war-affected families.

There we help with humanitarian care, trauma therapy, and much more.
We want to encourage you to stand with Israel during this difficult time.

Please share this appeal with the people on the ground.

We are grateful for any support for our team on the ground.

Worldwide Activities of House of Hope


Through our Hope Centers, we connect Christians, churches, and organizations to foster an environment that will alleviate the lives of those who need it. We strive to leave a positive impact on the city and every facet of society.

Through our Disaster Relief Team, we help those in need because of natural disasters, war, or any comparable circumstance by providing crisis management, emergency relief, and assistance in reconstruction.

Through Social Entrepreneurship, we advise companies to increase their social footprint on the city, countryside, or to help in the launching of local social startups. We seek to help the marginalized become entrepreneurs themselves. Moreover, House of Hope itself launches startups designed to transform the city and to increase the job market.

is not just a word, it is not perishable,
it is the substance of the future, and a picture of the future
that raises strength to persevere and not to give up.

Where do we operate?

House of Hope is an international christian aid organisation consisting of an interdisciplinary, international team. We operate Hope Centers in various cities in Germany, e.g. Frankfurt and Göttingen and Israel. In crisis areas such as the Ukraine we operate Hope Hubs and help with our disaster relief teams. In addition, we build social startups (e.g. Café Hope) to accelerate change in cities and countries.

How can I help?

Our work is based on volunteers from all over the world. People who are ready to share hope and give practical help, play a critical role in our work and success. Would you like to join one of our teams? Get in touch with us.

How can I donate?

We finance our work exclusively from donations. Support our work with a donation to House of Hope. It will support us to contact, care, advise and practically change the lives of people in need.


Hope in Action

NEWS | Crisis- und Disaster Management

Emergency Relief Earthquake
Turkey & Syria

An international disaster relief team of Palestinians,
Israelis and Germans, as well as helpers from other countries,
is sent out to the crisis area for relief immediately.