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Göttingen’s biggest hotspots are Gronerlandstraße 9a/b and the Idunazentrum, both of which are in the immediate vicinity of the main train station, Hagenweg and the Grone district. Here, many people live in difficult living conditions often characterized by financial hardship, dependencies and loneliness. Here, the bridge to already existing help and counseling services is often missing, which is made more difficult by the language barrier, among other things. As House of Hope Göttingen, it is our goal to go into these hot spots, to meet the local people in their needs, to build relationships and to be a bridge to all existing offers of help.

Bringing hope to Göttingen.

Hope Café

Martin Diekmann

Posthof 2
37081 Göttingen

KidsClub Göttingen


Groner Landstraße 9 is one of the biggest hotspots in Göttingen, where many people with difficult fates live. The poverty of the people is great and the proportion of Hartz IV recipients is over 60 percent. Drug addiction, violence, crime and police operations are often part of everyday life. Around 430 families, mostly from Eastern Europe, live in very cramped conditions in the housing complex, which was built in 1978 and is affectionately called the “bunker” by the residents. A total of about 80 children live there, experiencing this harsh reality every day. This imprint contributes a lot to the fact that these children also become delinquent at an early age and come into contact with drugs. In the “Kids Club” children should experience a difference, a violence-free zone and a respectful coexistence. We want to be a role model, friend and contact person for the children, for all the needs they bring with them.

We believe that every child is valuable and can have a wonderful childhood. In KidsClub we want to help the children from the hotspot of Groner-Landstraße 9, in their social needs and challenges and give them attention and love. Every Saturday the Kids Club opens its doors for fun and games, cooking together, handicrafts and a creative message that gives the children hope, courage and perspective for their lives. In addition, we regularly start excursions together. We also want to build relationships with the parents of the children and support and help them where we can, such as with visits to the authorities or by being bridges to existing assistance and counseling services.

Hope Café Göttingen


Welcome to the Hope Cafe Göttingen! Your visit gives people hope. Here you can enjoy good coffee and homemade cake. By the way, with every purchase you do something good, because with the proceeds we support the social projects in Frankfurt am Main and Göttingen, where we help and give hope to children, homeless, drug addicts, prisoners and prostitutes. Through this public café and bookstore we want to draw people’s attention to the needs of the people in Göttingen and at the same time use the financial proceeds to help finance the projects in the hot spots.

Each bean travels a long way in the production chain. Many people are passionately involved in this chain of creation. COFYMI’s coffee comes from Colombia, Peru or Nepal and is organically grown. There is personal contact with the coffee farmers. Our goal is that the people who earn from the coffee are the ones who harvest and process it with passion. COFYMI’s green coffee comes 100% directly from the producer through so-called cooperatives and friendly traders. The key to a stable and higher income for coffee farmers is to support their high quality coffee. For this we are willing to pay more expensive prices that are independent from the world market.

Groner-Tor-Strasse 29A,
37073 Göttingen
Mon – Fri
9:00 am – 5:30 pm
10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Gronergirls Göttingen


At Gronergirls, our goal is to reach girls from 13 years old to 18 years old in the hot spot of Gronerland Street and build relationships with the girls. Our team consists of young women who have a passion to inspire girls, be a friend and role model and motivate to build good future plans.

In the hot spot of Gronerlandstraße 9a/b live many young women who are very challenged by their life circumstances. Many of the young women become pregnant at an early age, have early contact with drugs and alcohol and often drop out of school at an early age, so that they often have no sustainable future prospects. In addition, the language barriers and negative role models they experience every day in the hot spot make it very difficult for them to enter society.

Through workshops and theme nights we want to help the girls to recognize their value and potential. Practically, we help the girls in their school needs and future questions through tutoring lessons and by arranging internships. Through our mentoring program, each girl is allowed to have a staff member as a confidant if she wishes. In addition, we also start regular outings and have a lot of fun playing games, doing handicrafts and cooking!

Help in Hagenweg Göttingen


We want to show the people in Hagenweg that they are seen and not forgotten. We want to stand by their side and encourage them. Through counseling, accompaniment and material support, we want to help them get out of their hardships, pursue educational paths, find jobs and thus become independent.

There are 160 apartments in the Hagenweg 20 housing complex. Many of the apartments are in a very bad condition due to partially destroyed living space, mold and heaps of vermin. The people who live here have mostly ended up here due to severe life crises. Unemployment, addictions and criminality create a momentum from which it is difficult to break out on one’s own.

We want to show the people in Hagenweg that they are seen and not forgotten. We want to stand by their side and give them courage. Through counseling, accompaniment and material support, we want to help them get out of their troubles, pursue educational paths or find jobs. In this way we want to help them to become independent. We network with other aid organizations and the city of Göttingen. We share our resources in order to develop projects together that create an optimal offer of help for people in need. Locally, we try to be a bridge to all existing help and counseling services through relationship.

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