Change the world with social startups.

Social Startups.
Sustainable Help.

The market alone is incapable of solving social problems in our society, like poverty and immigration. Our aid programs and social enterprises help, but they are not enough to meet contemporary challenges. What remains are companies who use their experience to found social-driven startups or knowledgable entrepreneurs who start social startups. Social entrepreneurship starts with the needy; it listens to the call of the marginalized and recognizes their potential.

As Steven Kolter notes in his book, Bold, “The world’s biggest problems are also its biggest business opportunities.” Likewise, we believe this: sustainable, self-financed solutions designed to serve the communities and their most vulnerable members. Solutions that refinance themselves or contribute to the Hope Center and the Disaster Relief pillars.

In this sense, Hope Center aims at empowering individuals or companies to create solutions within their startups or ventures. In addition, we create our own startups and fundraise for others (e.g. Café Hope).

Even for those with low income, the homeless, refugees, immigrants, the imprisoned, derelict teens, addicts, the mentally ill, the physically ill, victims of abuse victims and others, we create opportunities for empowerment through self-employment, to stand firm and once again participate in society. Therefore, we provide them with strategies, marketing, sales, finances, law, and human resources. We accompany them through the entire process with coaching and mentoring. Through patience, determination, and hope, we break through the bureaucracy and discover missing solutions and partners. We strive to do what is right, not what is easy.


Café Hope (Café Hoffnung)


Café Hope is a Fairtrade Café for the people. This project is an interdenominational unity project of House of Hope; it is designed to have a local impact only. Through this venture, we help people become aware of the needs of those around them; at the same time, we co-finance local projects with income from the Café. Additionally, we create new jobs, which also benefit people with different living conditions, and we promote self-sustainability. Every coffee does good, changes the world, yet its invitation does far more.