Hope Center


House of Hope (Haus der Hoffnung e.V.) takes responsibility for cities and the region in Ahr Valley. Together with our cooperation partners “Global Care Kinderhilfswerk” and “Aktion Deutschland Hilft”, we give hope to the people, meet their needs, and support the reconstruction of the cities in Ahr Valley. The flood destroyed a lot of houses and towns. We focus on practical, individual, and adequate support in various fields.

Together with our volunteers, we have been on the road in over 14 towns and villages in the Ahr Valley. Over the past 12 months. We have helped those affected with various short- and long-term projects. To ensure that we traveled to the affected areas as a unit and with the same focus, we coached our teams daily. In addition, we provide feedback to our team after each mission to provide supervision.

Little break with great hope.

In the middle of Ahrweiler (Niederhutstr.42), in cooperation with the children’s charity Stiftung Global Care, rooms are currently being built in which children’s and youth projects will be carried out as well as a Café Hope modeled on the Café Hope in Göttingen.

A youth room for chilling out is planned there on the upper floor, a workshop for children and youth projects in the inner courtyard, and rooms for various workshops for children and young people on the upper floor. From creative to sporty, from tasty to practical, from quiet to cheerful… or can we do it together?
Together with local children and youth we want to dream, plan and carry out activities. Are you youthful and have ideas or wishes, then please get in touch!

The Café Hope will be a meeting place where flood victims can talk and get advice, combined with the opportunity to give people hope. Here you can enjoy good coffee and homemade cake. Besides, you do something good with every purchase. Because the income of the café will finance the children and youth projects in the Ahr valley.

The renovation work is still in full swing, but it is progressing. We were already allowed to choose the flooring for the café and plan the lighting, the counter and the kitchen. The next step will be to plan the rooms for the children and youth projects.
We look forward to moving forward with the heart project and to seeing or meeting you again at the projects or at the café.

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Hope Mobile

Katrin Haustein | katrin.haustein@houseofhope.ngo


  • Coffee, tea, and cold drinks
  • Cakes and cookies
  • Conversation
  • Needs assessment
  • Assistance with applications
  • Connection to local parties, governments, and other aid organizations

Hope Mobile


We regularly drive to 14 places and towns in Ahr Valley with our Hope Mobiles. The Hope Mobiles are modified VW buses. They include a small office to assist with applications and paperwork. Relationship building and trust are formed with a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. We assess people’s needs and help and guide them to solve them asap. The Hope Mobile is a “little break” with “great hope” and serves as a place to rest and meet.

We will continue to be on the road with our Hope Mobiles in the 14 affected areas we have served.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Starting in February 2023, we will again drive to the 5 locations of the gray Hope Mobil (Heppingen, Dernau, Lohrsdorf, Green and Heimersheim) every two weeks on fixed dates. We look forward to seeing loved ones again and meeting new ones.