House of Hope: There is hope.

The one hope,
that doesn’t fade away.

We are a social mission and relief organization that understands its task in view of Christian Charity. We strive to help those in need: those who find themselves in times of crisis or on the fringes of society. The word “hope” best conveys our self-image. Through our actions, we give hope to these very people, such as children, teens, prostitutes, drug addicts, the homeless, the imprisoned, the refugees, and the sick. We believe all can experience hope and its power: the power to change lives.

Through our Hope Centers, we connect Christians, churches, and organizations to foster an environment that will alleviate the lives of those who need it. We strive to impact the city and every facet of society positively.

Through our Disaster Relief Team, we help those in need because of natural disasters, war, or any comparable
circumstance by providing crisis management, emergency relief, and assistance in reconstruction.

Through Social Entrepreneurship, we advise companies to increase their social footprint in the city and countryside or to help launch local social startups. We seek to help the marginalized become entrepreneurs themselves. Moreover, House of Hope launches startups designed to transform the city and increase the job market.

We all need to be encouraged repeatedly by our family, marriage partners, friends, neighbors, or colleagues. What would happen if none of these people existed? Or maybe someone does not even have them in the first place? Who would give them hope and a helping hand? We are constantly confronted with heavy fates, losses, and severe life circumstances of people. We see a lot of suffering, misery, disaster, war, and death. Who is giving hope to these people?

We believe that people investing their time and effort in these people is the answer to bringing hope. For this reason, we are always in action for hope. Hope is our DNA, and most of us bring hope not only in our work to vulnerable people but also in our daily lives.