House of Hope


Frankfurt’s train station district is one of the biggest drug and prostitution hotspots in Europe. This is exactly where we as House of Hope want to be a light and make a difference. The House of Hope Frankfurt is located in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel. Covering 270 square meters, the House of Hope opens its doors several times a week to provide counseling and pastoral care to those in need, as well as various outreach and humanitarian services on the streets of the station district. Equipped with a kitchen, it also cooks weekly for homeless people in the station district. The House of Hope also offers a café for prostitutes and soon a tea room for the homeless.

In the heart of Europe.

Twilight Treasures

Johannes Livelli

Kaiserstr. 76
60329 Frankfurt


  • General social counseling
  • Debt counseling
  • Help with housing search
  • Help with job search
  • Help with visits to authorities
  • Referral and accompaniment to specialized counseling centers
  • Referral and accompaniment to drug rehabilitation centers and women’s shelters

Twilight Treasures Frankfurt


As the center of the metropolitan region and its favorable transportation infrastructure, Frankfurt am Main is an attractive location for prostitution. In Frankfurt, the Bahnhofsviertel is the city’s largest red-light district. With a total of 620 rooms of the fourteen running houses, brothels with up to 180 rooms and numerous street prostitution, the number of prostitutes in Frankfurt’s station district is very high. Among these prostitutes, more than half migrants, are also numerous women who prostitute themselves involuntarily. There are many reasons for this, including ignorance of the exit options, emotional dependencies of affected women on pimps, and deception and extortion in the context of organized crime.

The women’s café is located in the House of Hope, in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel. Every week, the Women’s Café opens its doors to prostitutes and offers counseling sessions and practical help. The Women’s Café is a place where women can come with all the problems they bring with them and together we find a solution. Our goal is to build through relationships that often lost interpersonal trust and share in their lives, concerns, desires and dreams.

Through various pampering programs and workshops, women are allowed to calm down and gain confidence. Through our cooperation with shelters throughout Germany, we are also able to bring women, regardless of their origin, quickly, easily and free of charge to a shelter where they are helped to find a new path in life.

Outreach in the station district


Although there are several aid organizations for homeless people, drug addicts and prostitutes in Frankfurt, the reality is that most people do not take advantage of these services. They either don’t know that help is available for them, where to go to receive help, or have no hope that they can be helped.

Through our outreach work, we reduce people’s inhibitions about taking advantage of the many help options available to them. House of Hope has diverse volunteer teams that take to the streets of the station district every day of the week to meet these people face-to-face, show them love and appreciation, and encourage them that it’s never too late to start over. We hear their stories and have built valuable relationships over the years. We inform them about existing as well as new help offers and make ourselves available to them as an accompaniment to different help organizations. For this purpose, we provide them with food and drink and give first aid.

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