Together we create spaces for working with
Prisoners, homeless and prostitutes.

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A house of hope
in every city

In each city, Christians should come together in one place to share responsibility for the city, especially for vulnerable groups, in close dialogue with local authorities.

House of Hope creates a place of unity where diverse communities, organizations and initiatives come together to implement various projects. This creates many synergies that are very effective and fruitful.

Because so many stakeholders in the city and also at House of Hope work with the same target group, e.g. children, we have assigned project names for each target group at House of Hope that include different organizations, initiatives and communities.

These are the 7 basic services represented in a HOUSE OF HOPE



We want to train and motivate children’s workers worldwide to start a children’s ministry. We need more help and offers for children in Germany and internationally, therefore we want to multiply the interdenominational children’s ministry KidsClub in every city through House of Hope.
To do this, we build teams of skilled, paid and volunteer educators who work together to take responsibility for children.

Crucial is the building of relationships with families and children in the hot spots as well as our bridging function to existing help and counseling services such as homework help, trauma therapy, etc. In KidsClub, we want to help children, especially from disadvantaged areas, with their social needs and challenges and give them attention, love and hope. We believe that it is very important to invest in the next generation!


Twilight Treasures

There are numerous women who prostitute themselves involuntarily. The reasons for this are manifold and are related, among other things, to ignorance of exit options, emotional dependencies of the women concerned on pimps, and deception and blackmail in the context of organized crime. Every week, the Women’s Café opens its doors to prostitutes and offers counseling sessions and practical help. The Women’s Café is a place where women can come with any problems they bring and together we can find a solution. Our goal is to rebuild the often lost interpersonal trust through relationships and to share in their lives, concerns, desires and dreams.
Through various pampering programs and workshops, women can find peace and gain confidence. Through our cooperation with women’s shelters throughout Germany, we are also able to bring women, regardless of their background, quickly, easily and free of charge to a women’s shelter, where they are helped to find a new path in life. In addition, we have a pilot and bridge function to existing support and counseling services.

Hands of Mercy


Although there are many services for drug addicts, the reality is that the many people do not take advantage of these services. They either don’t know that help is available for them, where to go to receive help, or have no hope that they can be helped. Through our outreach work, we reduce people’s inhibitions about taking advantage of the many help options available to them.
House of Hope has various volunteer teams that go to the hot spots every day of the week to personally meet these people, show them love and appreciation, and encourage them that it is never too late to start over. We hear their stories and have built valuable relationships over the years. We inform them about existing as well as new help offers and make ourselves available to them as an accompaniment to different help organizations, which is very often taken up. For this purpose, we provide them with food and drink and give first aid.

Tea room


The United Nations estimates that about 100 million people are homeless worldwide. In Europe, around 4 million people have no roof over their heads. In Germany, the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Wohnungslosenhilfe (Federal Association for Assistance to the Homeless) reported In 2021, it was estimated that about 45,000 homeless people lived on the streets in Germany during the course of a year. The total number of people who were temporarily without a regular home of their own with a lease during the year was 256,000, significantly higher than in 2018 (237,000).

Every person has a story. People living on the streets have often experienced difficult life crises. Many of them see or know no way out of their situation. Left on their own without social contacts, it’s hard to break out of this cycle. Our street social workers are out and about during the day, visiting homeless people in their places of residence. The extensive work is largely financed by donations – thanks to these donations, fast and uncomplicated help for homeless people can be made possible.


Raising Hope


In Germany, more than 40 thousand people are in prison, worldwide more than 11 million people. The suffering of the victims is immeasurable and tragic. However, an abuser also often has a history of victimization that has made him or her an abuser, such as violence, abuse, bullying or neglect, or other severe personal challenges and hardships. The brokenness that puts men and women in prison, if left untreated, perpetuates a cycle of destructive thinking and behavior. We believe that it is important that this cycle is broken. This is possible through constant relationship building with sincere interest that recognizes the value and potential of each person. Through this trust, the past can be worked through, new goals can be developed and achieved.

We want to train and motivate people worldwide to start a prison ministry that is very fruitful for both sides. In every city, through House of Hope, we want to multiply the interdenominational prison ministry “RAISING HOPE.” To do this, we build teams of skilled, paid and volunteer educators who work together to take responsibility for prisoners in your city. In addition to regular visitation services, we also care for the families of prisoners and help strengthen the bond between children and their parents who are in prison. We want to encourage those who have been affected by the criminal justice system to make a fresh start and prepare them in the best possible way for life after release from prison. There are hurdles to overcome for a new apartment and job, as well as integration into a restorative community or circle of friends. The message of hope is what we want to convey to them theoretically and practically.



Years of civil war in Syria, violent conflict and persecution in numerous other countries, natural disasters and epidemics, the effects of climate change, forgotten crises: according to the United Nations (UNHCR), 82.4 million people are displaced worldwide, more than half of them (48 million) within their own countries. (Status: end of 2020)
There is no end in sight to the refugee movement – on the contrary: experts estimate that climate change, armed conflicts and social inequality will further exacerbate the situation. In recent years, other conflicts have already erupted in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, forcing people to flee.
Most people continue to flee the civil war in Syria, according to a UNHCR report: 6.7 million Syrians are internally displaced. The war also drove 6.8 million people across national borders, mainly to neighboring countries (83 percent). About half of the refugees are children who not only had to leave their homes behind, but often also witnessed the death of family members and friends. According to the report, 86 percent of refugees find refuge in economically weak countries that have previously struggled with poverty and resource scarcity. Accordingly, most refugees live in extreme poverty and are in urgent need of assistance.

Hope Mobile


The Hope Mobile operates on a fixed schedule in hot spots as well as crisis areas, providing people with free coffee, snacks and counseling. In hot spots and more remote localities, there is sometimes a lack of knowledge about the possibility of making use of existing help services. Here, the Hope Mobil fulfills an important bridging function. Our goal is to ensure that all offers reach where they are needed. At the same time, our team takes on additional needs and provides selective support for people in need.

The Hope Mobil also creates a regular, low-threshold meeting place for those affected, which builds trust, helps them to come to terms with what they have experienced and gives them a perspective on life.


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